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Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019

The Anglican Alliance and Episcopal Relief & Development: Working Together for Lasting Change in Times of Disaster

Some of our friends and supporters are curious about the Anglican Alliance and how it relates to our work in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. President and CEO Rob Radtke explains it all in this blog.

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Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019

Remembering Hurricane Maria Two Years Later

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season emerged as the most damaging in recent history with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria causing destruction throughout Florida, Texas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and other parts of the US and Caribbean. As we enter into the Season of Resilience we are reflecting on that period, long-term recovery and disaster preparedness. To start, read this story from Tina Beazer from the Virgin Islands as she looks back on Hurricane Maria. #SeasonofResilience

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Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

Women Deliver 2019: Our Interfaith Dialogue for Gender Justice

Episcopal Relief & Development Board Member Chiseche Salome Mibenge recently represented Episcopal Relief & Development at the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver. She participated in a panel to discuss “Religion and Development for Gender Justice.” In this blog she shares her experience and highlights important takeaways.

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Friday, May 03, 2019

Monitoring, Evaluating, and Learning (MEL) | Community of Practice Through the Eyes of a Partner

How do we assess project impact? How do we use data to improve projects and share results?  These questions and more were tackled by an enthusiastic group of Episcopal Relief & Development partner staff – during their Community of Practice workshop and at ongoing bimonthly video conference meetings.

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Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

Earth Day 2019 | Expanding a Culture of Resilience

For Earth Day Learn about how farmers in Nicaragua are transforming their livelihoods. Episcopal Relief & Development and its partner organizations across the globe are working with vulnerable communities to build resilience to a rapidly changing climate. As we celebrate Earth Day, take a look at how Nicaraguan farmers are transforming their livelihoods while caring for creation. 

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Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

GOOD FRIDAY | You Just Have To Make Camp

I think about that bit of wisdom every year as Holy Week rolls around. Good Friday, especially, carries the weighty-ness not only of loss, but of being lost. This is unfamiliar, unfriendly, hostile terrain. I want to rush forward to Easter – to that sense of home, of being found, to an orientation of resurrection, redemption, and new life.

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