Clean Water


Water is essential for life.  But the quality of the world’s fresh water resources is threatened by improper sanitation, agricultural runoff and lack of treatment facilities, as well as, disasters and environmental changes.  Every 15 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. 

In parts of the world where women and girls bear the primary responsibility for finding and collecting water, degradation and scarcity of this precious resource is an even greater challenge.  Often, young girls can’t go to school because they have to walk for miles to find fresh water for cooking, bathing, drinking and other critical needs.

Episcopal Relief & Development is committed to ensuring that safe and clean water is accessible even in the most rural communities.  In partnership with local organizations, we support communities in developing clean sources of water.  

Our water programs are part of an integrated strategy that focuses on preventing the spread of disease while promoting overall community health and well-being.  Wells, water systems and stations are constructed based on local assessments of needs and capacity.  Then, community members learn how to use and maintain them.  In support of our water programs, we help build latrines and promote sanitation and hygiene education.

Having safe water has a tremendous impact on daily life.  With these systems in place, people no longer have to spend hours fetching water from polluted lakes, rivers and streams near their homes.  Girls can go to school, and women are able to care for their families and pursue education and employment ― creating a better future for themselves and their communities.

Your gift helps empower communities to create safe and clean water sources by:

  • Building wells and piping systems to prevent waterborne illnesses
  • Installing water stations and systems like rainwater catchment tanks that increase access to safe sources of water
  • Training community members on the use and maintenance of water systems
  • Providing critical education on proper handwashing and hygiene
  • Integrating water programs with proper sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent the pollution of land and water sources
Clean Water
Donate to the Clean Water fund

Your impact is more than just a drop in the bucket. Donations to the Clean Water program contribute directly to helping people worldwide gain access to safe water for drinking, washing and cooking. Make a difference and donate today.


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